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Shoes To Accommodate AFOs/Braces

When you are wearing Ankle Foot Orthosis braces, you will need a shoe that can accommodate the added width and depth that the AFO creates. We specialize in carrying a large selection of shoe styles that provide the extra room needed. These shoes provide a larger opening to fit the AFO or braces, as well as more depth (extra and double depth) so your feet have ample room to rest inside the shoe. Also, these shoes offer added support and comfort to help keep you on your feet while minimizing foot discomfort. Browse our selection of shoes designed to accommodate AFOs and experience the difference!

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  • Men's Shoe For AFOs

    Men's Shoes That Accommodate AFOs

    We have a large selection of men’s shoes designed for AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthosis). The brands we carry provide wider shoe openings to easily insert the foot with the AFO as well as provide more depth in the shoe to accommodate the room taken up by the brace. With the AFO, look for men's shoes that offer superior quality, ankle support, double and supra depth, and rear entry for the ideal footwear option. Shop our selection today!

  • Women's AFO Shoes

    Women's Shoes That Accommodate AFOs

    Wearing footwear with an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) requires a shoe that has a wider opening to easily slide the foot in with the AFO on. Also, the shoe should have more depth in the shoe to accommodate for the additional room taken up by the AFO. Our selection of women's shoes for AFOs provide the wide openings and extra- or double depth needed for suitable wear without any discomfort. Browse our selection of Women's AFO-accommodating shoes below!

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