How to Correctly Measure Your Foot For Shoe Size & Width Suggestions

Use instructions below to determine your suggested shoe size & width.

Step 1: Trace Foot on Paper

Foot Tracing_1.png
Place the foot flat onto a piece of paper and trace around the foot. You can tape an additional piece of paper together if necessary to fit the entire foot. Make sure you are standing up to trace the foot for the most accurate measurement. Either you or someone else can trace around the foot. Make sure the pen is a at 90 degree angle while tracing. If you will be wearing an AFO or brace while wearing shoes, be sure to measure with the brace on the foot.

Step 2: Measure Length & Width From Tracing of Foot

Use the tracing to obtain the length measurement (heel to longest toe) and width (widest part of the foot - usually behind the toes). You can use a straight edge to draw a line at the heel and longest toe as well as the widest part of the foot. You can measure to these lines to help with taking accurate measurements.

Step 3: Determine Shoe Depth Needed

Use a tape measure around the middle of foot (instep girth) to find the diameter of the foot. This measurement will determine if an extra depth shoe (1/4" more depth than traditional shoes) or a double depth shoe (1/2" more depth than traditional shoes) is needed. Generally, a double depth shoe is necessary to accommodate an AFO or brace.

Step 4: Use Measurements (Length & Width) in Shoe Size Calculator.

Shoe Size Calculator.png
Enter in the length and width measurements in the calculator below (or on product pages) to determine the suggested shoe size and width. Keep in mind that the size suggestions are estimates and do not guarantee a perfect fit. Each shoe can fit different by style and brand. The best way to find the perfect fit is to order the size you usually wear (or suggested size), then if the shoe does not fit, exchange the item for the appropriate size and width based on the fit of shoe. Each size up is approximately 1/3rd inch difference and each width is approximately 1/8th inch difference.

Calculate your shoe size

Enter your foot length & width measurement (in inches) for a shoe size & width suggestion. See complete foot measurement instructions here.

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