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What are Bunions?

Bunions are the result of the big toe pushing outward against the first metatarsal bone causing a bony, painful hump at the ball of the foot. Bunions can be minor or develop into a severe foot deformity.

How can shoes help with bunions?

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box works great to manage pain associated with bunions. The added room helps reduce rubbing against the hump and the soft interior lining of the shoe can be therapeutic. Also, adequate arch support can help properly align the foot and may limit the bunions from becoming more serious.

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  • Men's Bunion Shoes

    Men's Shoes for Bunions

    We specialize in shoes with wide toe boxes and superior cushioning that addresses pain brought on by bunions. By selecting the appropriate footwear, bony bumps that form at the base of the big toe will be provided with ample room and soft lining to rest inside the shoe and limit rubbing for pain relief.  The right shoes provide enough arch support and cushioning and help in relieving the bunion pain. Choose comfort as well as style by checking out our complete range of men's bunion pain relief shoes. 

  • Women's Bunion Shoes

    Women's Shoes For Bunions

    With bunions, you need women's shoes that provide more room in the toe box and soft interior lining to reduce friction. Our selection of women's shoes provides just this. The shoes are designed specifically to help ease pain cause by bunions as well providing adequate arch support for good foot health. Pointy or narrow toe boxes are often considered the culprit of bunion formation. Go the route that allows your toes adequate room. Find shoes for the different severities of bunions below!

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