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Orthopedic & Diabetic Shoes For Men

Men's Orthopedic & Diabetic shoes designed for all foot conditions and all uses. Choose from dress to walking orthopedic shoes that offer the comfort and style you want.

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  • Boots

    Men's Orthopedic & Diabetic Boots

    Whether you need men's boots for style or work, you must always consider comfort as one of your priorities when selecting footwear. With our selection of men's orthopedic boots, you can expect quality and comfort that lasts. Choosing a high value pair of men's orthopedic/diabetic boots can have a huge impact on your daily life. Let's face it - living with foot pain is no joke.

    The selection below offers solutions to a variety of foot conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, edema, and more. Plus, our boots feature stability and mid-foot support to help alleviate lower body pains associated with foot problems. Browse our variety of boots from chukka boots to steel toe work boots - an ideal selection of boots for every occasion.

  • Casual

    Men's Casual Diabetic & Orthopedic Shoes

    Men's casual footwear that comes in numerous colors, sizes, and widths to match your style preference and foot. Our men's casual orthopedic shoes come in wider widths and provide extra volume in the toebox area to accommodate for a variety of foot conditions.

    Whether you need a more volume for hammertoes, swelling or another foot conditions, we have the selection for you. Also, our casual shoes feature removable footbeds to replace with your own custom orthotics.

  • Double Depth

    Men's Double Depth Shoes

    Double depth orthopedic shoes are designed to provide extra volume in the shoe to accommodate for swelling(edema), hammertoes, custom orthotics, AFOs, braces or other foot conditions requiring more depth in the shoe.

    Most of our men's double depth shoes offer multiple layers of removable inserts to provide ultimate adjustability in shoe depth - providing a fit that works for you! Browse our large selection of men's double depth footwear in a variety of style - from boots to casual shoes.

  • Dress

    Men's Orthopedic & Diabetic Dress Shoes

    Stylish and comfortable men's orthopedic shoes available in a variety of sizes and colors to match your preference. We know fashion and orthopedic shoes are often not found together, but we offer a large number of brands that offer a diverse selection of men's dress footwear.

    We offer orthopedic and diabetic dress shoes that provide comfort and support to keep you on your feet - for longer. Browse our selection of men's dress shoes from popular, podiatrist-respected brands like Drew Shoe, P.W. Minor, Vionic, and more!

  • Extra Depth

    Men's Extra Depth Shoes

    Extra depth shoes offer added volume in the shoe to accommodate for orthotics or foot conditions that need extra room. Our men's extra depth footwear includes casual shoes to boots to match your style and preference. Most of our extra depth shoes include removable footbeds that can be replaced with your own.

    With our selection of comfort, extra-depth footwear, you can rest assured your feet stay comfortable. Browse our selection of men's extra depth orthopedic shoes below.

  • Sandals

    Orthopedic & Diabetic Sandals For Men

    Set your feet free while keeping them comfortable with our comfort sandals for men. Diabetic and orthopedic sandals offer wider widths to accommodate for different shapes of feet. Our selection of comfort sandals are designed with unique therapeutic features that provide unsurpassed comfort and ultimate protection for those with foot pain or conditions. Wearing sandals with the right support can help with lower body pains and align your feet with the rest of your body.

    Our comfort sandals provide comfortable soles with cushioning support and excellent stability, making every step a soothing one!

  • Slip Resistant

    Slip Resistant Orthopedic Shoes for Men

    When slip resistant footwear is required for either work or for your own stability, why not choose a comfort slip-resistant shoe. We have a wide variety of comfortable, slip resistant shoes that will make your experience working or your daily routine a lot more enjoyable.

    The outsoles of our selection of men's slip-resistant shoes are designed with a unique tread pattern for ultimate grip & traction. The outsole material is made with either a rubber compound or polyurethane making for a durable sole that will last. Hazardous floor conditions and long hours on your feet are no match for these slip-resistant shoes!

  • Slippers

    Orthopedic Slippers for Men

    With these metrics in mind, we have comprised an exclusive, certified and guaranteed list of the top-rated orthopedic slippers for men. Whatever your preferences are in a slipper, it is sure to be included in one the highly recommended options below. Trust us, you'll fall in love and finally feel complete with the comfort of any pair of these therapeutic slip-on shoes on your feet.

  • Stretchable

    Men's Stretchable Shoes

    Looking for added comfort and accommodation? Try our men's stretchable shoes designed to limit stress in the areas of the foot most susceptible to pain. The stretch material offers more give where rubbing is common, like the top of your toes or the instep. Foot conditions such as hammertoes and bunions will find stretchable footwear a must have. Prevent rubbing and friction with comfortable stretchable footwear we know you’ll love.

  • Walking

    Orthopedic & Diabetic Walking Shoes For Men

    Don't let your feet keep you from an active lifestyle. Our men's active footwear selection provides ultimate comfort for a variety of foot conditions. Supportive removable insoles and deeper depths provide the comfort and therapeutic benefits your feet need to keep you going. Addressing the requirements of those with foot related health conditions is our priority. We carry a wide array of comfortable, stylish orthopedic and diabetic shoes for men. Shop the collection of men's diabetic walking shoes to find a style with the features and benefits designed for you!

  • X-Wide

    Men's X-Wide Shoes

    Accommodating wider feet is what we specialize in. We have a "wide" selection of men's x-wide shoes in a variety of categories, like sandals, walking shoes, boots, dress shoes and more! Wider shoes can help with foot conditions like bunions, edema, or simply just a wider foot base. Also, the wider shoes can accommodate for custom orthotics and AFOs. Choose from men's extra wide widths up to 14E. Shop our selection of comprehensive collection of shoes, sandals, and boots in x-wide widths. If you need wide shoes, we’ve got you covered!

  • Occupational

    Men's Occupational Comfort Shoes

    The importance of wearing supportive and comfortable footwear for a job that requires you to be on your feet cannot be stressed enough. Long hours standing on your feet can take a toll on not only the feet - but the entire lower body. From knee and lower back pain to swelling and tendon/joint pain.

    Our selection of men's comfort work footwear features supportive insoles that cradle your feet to provide exceptional support where needed. Also, the insoles are cushioned to reduce stress and impact of walking and standing on hard surfaces.

    Additional available features on our occupational shoes include slip-resistant and oil-resistant soles, wash-friendly, removable footbeds for custom orthotics, and composite and steel toe safety.

    Browse footwear options for occupations related to Medical, Hospitality, Construction, Industrial & more!

  • Hiking

    Men's Orthopedic Hiking Boots & Shoes

    Hiking can be a joyous, yet strenuous activity, so a good pair of hiking boots or shoes is necessary to make for a great experience. Our selection of men's orthopedic & comfort footwear options provide exceptional support and are available in up to XX-Wide widths. Our quality hiking boots & shoes provide great traction, breathability, and waterproof features in select styles. Shop our orthopedic hiking shoes below.

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