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Women's Orthopedic & Diabetic Shoes

Choose from a variety of women's orthopedic & diabetic footwear styles, from boots to sandals. Each shoe has different features that can be beneficial to a specific foot conditions. We specialize in carrying women's shoes that can provide accommodations for braces and AFOs to shoes with supportive insoles and wider widths for foot pain and relief. 

Search within the different categories and styles to find a shoe that works for you. Our team representatives are also happy to assist with suggesting shoe options that are designed for your foot condition in the style you want. Sandals for diabetic and arthritic feet to active footwear for plantar fasciitis and edema. We carry a large selection of women's orthopedic shoes to keep your feet protected and supported - always!

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  • Boots

    Orthopedic & Diabetic Boots For Women

    Our selection of Orthopedic and diabetic boots for women range from highly functional and supportive to highly fashionable with added support. We have an option for all - no matter what your foot condition may be. We carry snow boots, hiking boots, work boots, knee-high boots, and more - all with therapeutic and supportive features. Browse and buy from our supportive women's orthopedic and diabetic boots collection.

  • Casual

    Women's Casual Orthopedic & Diabetic Comfort Shoes

    If you suffer from sensitive feet due to diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions or ball of foot pain, then our wide selection of diabetic shoes for women and orthotic shoes for women are perfect for you. Our vibrant collection of wellness shoes and sandals seamlessly walk that fine line between fashion and orthotic support with grace and precision.Discover the key to a comfortable walking experience time and time again with Flow Feet. 

  • Dress

    Diabetic & Orthopedic Dress Shoes For Women

    We offer comfort women's dress shoes, including high heels, flats, kitten heels, and more - for all formal occasions. Some of our dress styles offer a low heel and wide toe box to reduce friction and rubbing and help with foot conditions like bunions. You can be a fashionista without being uncomfortable, our selection has all the stylish and trendy comfort shoes without compromising on foot support. Browse our brands of women's comfort dress shoes!

  • Mary Janes

    Women's Comfort & Orthopedic Mary Jane Shoes

    Give a timeless style with the elegant comfort with women's orthopedic mary jane shoes. Our selection from a variety of brands, combines classic and modern styling of this style along with therapeutic features. Stay in style and comfort in our selection of mary jane shoes. For foot conditions from arthritis and bunions, we have a mary jane style that will work for you to provide pain relief and added support to keep you going.

  • Double Depth

    Women's Double Depth Shoes

    Double depth shoes are necessary for foot conditions like swelling, hammertoes, clawtoes and even for AFO accommodation. Our selection of women's double depth shoes provide more room in the shoe to prevent unnecessary rubbing and accommodations for high insteps or AFOs. The removable inserts in the shoes allow more volume in the shoe and can be replaced with custom orthotics or simply removed for more room and ultimate adjustability. Browse our selection of women's double depth shoes below.

    Double depth shoes provide about 1/2 inch more depth than traditional shoes.

  • Dress Flats

    Orthopedic Flat Shoes/Dress Flats

    Women's orthopedic dress flats give you the sleek, chic look while providing the support needed for problem foot conditions. Our selection of dress flats are offered in wider widths and larger toe boxes - with some styles featuring stretch material for foot conditionsl like edema or bunions. Choose from dress flats that are made with quality materials and construction and include support inserts.

  • Extra Depth

    Women's Extra Depth Shoes

    Women's extra depth shoes provide the room necessary for custom orthotics, corns on the top of your toes, a high instep or even hammer toes. This shoe feature provides about 1/4th inch more depth in the shoe to prevent unnecessary rubbing or to just provide more room. Most of our extra depth styles come with removable inserts for adjustability. Choose from our variety of women’s styles with the extra depth feature.

  • Sandals

    Orthopedic & Diabetic Sandals For Women

    From flip-flop to back-strap sandals, our women’s orthopedic sandal selection offers all the therapeutic benefits to keep you comfortable. A supportive sandal is a top choice for women with diabetes or heel pain from plantar fasciitis because of its breathability and anatomically designed inserts. We carry styles from top brands to provide a style that matches your wardrobe. Browse our women’s comfort sandals below!

  • Slippers

    Women's Comfort Slippers

    Like walking on a cloud, our selection of women's comfort slippers gives you the support and soft, luxury faux fur or dri-lex lining. We carry slippers for indoor and outdoor use, but all have the comfort and warmth you desire. Whether you are looking for warmth from decrease blood flow in your feet or just wanting a comfortable night slipper - we have the styles for you.

  • Slip Resistant

    Slip Resistant Orthopedic Shoes for Women

    With our selection of slip resistant shoes, say welcome to comfort! Whether you need slip-resistant shoes for work or require the traction for preventative spills, we have a variety of styles available. Our women's slip resistant shoes are both comfortable and high performing and won’t let you down. They'll keep you safe from falls while looking great in the process. Shop our women's slip-resistant comfort shoes below!

  • Stretchable

    Stretchable Women's Shoes

    Do you have hammertoes, bunions, or a high instep? We have a vast selection of women’s stretchable shoes that are created to reduce friction on your feet. Our selection of women's stretchable shoes has stretch fabric that is soft on your foot and provides more give – preventing unnecessary rubbing creating sores on your feet. Browse our selection of styles that offer stretch materials for your foot condition.

  • Walking

    Orthopedic & Diabetic Walking Shoes For Women

    Shop orthopedic and diabetic women's walking/athletic shoes from top brands, including Vionic, Propet, Drew, Apis and more. Our selection offers a variety of active styles that provide the support needed for light exercise or intense activity. Get all the quality features you can expect from a quality women's orthopedic active shoe.

  • X-Wide

    Women's Extra Wide Shoes

    Extra wide shoes give your feet the room need to accommodate swelling (edema), bunions, or foot deformities. Our selection of extra wide shoes comes in a variety of types and colors to match your styles and preference. Choose from widths up to 14E to give your feet the room needed for comfort.

  • Rocker Bottom

    Women's Rocker Bottom Shoes

    Rocker bottom shoes are shoes with a rounded heel to help the foot easily roll forward after the heel strike. The design can help improve the gait cycle and reduce pressure on the ball of the foot. There are two types of rocker bottom shoes: Heel to Toe Rocker Soles (full length shank) and Forefoot Rocker Soles (Half Length Shank).

    Both types are designed for different foot conditions. The heel to toe rocker rolls the foot from heel to toe while limiting motion in the ankle and midfoot. This design is great for ankle or midfoot pain.

    The Forefoot Rocker helps reduce pressure at the ball of the foot by allowing the foot to roll at the metatarsal heads. This design is great for metatarsalgia or arthritic toes.

  • Mismatch Sizes

    Shoes listed in our Mismatch Sizes section are a great option for those needing two different size shoes. Some styles listed here are subject to a 4 to 6 week turnaround time. 

  • Occupational

    Women's Comfort Work Shoes

    The stress and impact put on your feet from jobs that require standing long hours can be problematic without the right footwear. Prolonged periods of standing can cause knee and lower back pain, as well as swelling around the foot and legs.

    Our selection of women's comfort occupational footwear is designed for occupations like nurses, servers, chefs, and other medical and hospitality professionals. The features of our work shoes include supportive insoles that cradle your feet to help align your feet naturally to reduce pressure points and evenly distribute weight. Also, the exceptional cushion in the insoles and midsoles help absorb shock of walking on hard surfaces daily.

    Additional available features on our women's comfor work shoes include slip-resistant (non-slip) and oil-resistant soles, wash-friendly, and removable footbeds for custom orthotics, .

    Browse great comfort footwear options for occupations related to medical & hospitality!

  • Hiking

    Women's Orthopedic & Comfort Hiking Footwear

    When you are hiking, having good pair of shoes or boots is essential to enjoying your outdoor experience. Our selection of women's hiking footwear offers the support and comfort needed when on the trails. Styles are avaiable in Narrow to XX-Wide widths to accommodate a variety of foot conditions. Browse our quality orthopedic hiking shoes below.

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