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Women's Orthofeet Comfort Slippers

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  • $ 79.95

    Slip-on these comfort clog slippers to experience premium comfort. The Louise stands out from the rest in its category with the anatomically designed insole that provides arch support , heel cushioning, and helps align your lower body to alleviate foot, knee, and lower back pain. The style comes with a gel insert and two spacers (1/8" and 1/16") that can...

    $ 79.95
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  • $ 99.95

    This super soft moccasin style slipper features a wide toe box for toe movement as well as anatomical arch support for stability. The lacing system wraps around the heel for added customization.  The soles of the shoe are constructed in a light-weight air cushioning design reducing foot fatigue as you walk. The Orthofeet Capri slipper is ideal for...

    $ 99.95
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  • $ 129.95

    Orthofeet Womens Boots Strap shoes offer anatomical arch support, non-binding relaxed fit, and maximum protection against pressure points. The Gel orthotic-insole along with the ergonomic, cushioning sole soften step, enhance stability, and facilitate natural foot motion. The deep toe box design allows the foot to relax and spread out naturally for added...

    $ 129.95
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  • $ 89.95

    The Orthofeet Charlotte keeps your feet warm and in comfort with its adjustable strap and soft interior. The enhanced support is provided by its ergonomic sole and anatomical insole. The insole can be replaced with your own custom orthotic for comfort made just for you. This is your go-to slipper for when you are lounging or walking around the house.

    $ 89.95
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