• Walking Cradles Lucia - Women's Dress Sandal
Walking Cradles Lucia - Women's Dress Sandal
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Walking Cradles Lucia - Women's Dress Sandal

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The Walking Cradles Lucia combines unparalleled comfort with chic fashion to accompany you on your every step.

The suede leather uppers not only exude sophistication but also provide durability and longevity. Say goodbye to discomfort or irritation as the polyurethane sock lining caresses your feet with a cloud-like softness.

Get the perfect fit with the adjustable heel strap that will help eliminate slippage and provide better foot positioning while wearing. Whether you have flat feet, metatarsalgia, or plantar fasciitis, this sandal caters to your feet, making it an ideal choice for those seeking the perfect blend of fashion and foot condition-friendly footwear.

The bliss your feet will experience with the Tiny Pillows footbed is unmatched. This signature Walking Cradles feature provides exceptional cushioning from heel to toe, making each stride a pleasurable experience.

With a heel height of 1 ¾ inches, the Lucia sandal strikes the perfect balance between elegance and stability. It adds just the right amount of lift to your stature without compromising foot health.

Walking Cradles Lucia - Women's Dress Sandal Features:
Suede leather uppers
Polyurethane sock lining
Adjustable heel strap
Tiny Pillows footbed
Rubber outsole
Heel Height: 1 ¾”
Made in Brazil
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Item Features
Adjustable Strap
Foot Condition
Flat Feet, Metatarsalgia, Plantar Fasciitis

Product Features Guide

Adjustable Strap

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  • How much wider is it between widths?

    On most shoe manufacturers, the difference between widths is approximately 1/8 of an inch from each width.

  • What is the best way to measure my feet for the right shoe size?

    The best way to measure your feet for a shoe size is to get the length and width measurement of your feet. The length is the measurement from the heel to the longest toe. The width is the measurement at the widest part of the foot, generally right behind the toes.

    If you would like us to suggest a shoe size for you, please send feet measurements to customerservice@flowfeet.com. Or you can follow the simple instructions at the link below.


  • What is a double depth shoe?

    These shoes are designed with extra space and with removable insoles for even more room to insert medically prescribed foot orthotics or just provide more room inside the shoe. Generally, a double depth shoe provides an additional 1/2" depth than a traditional shoe.

  • What is a polyurethane outsole?

    Polyurethanes are found in a wide range of footwear types. Although best known for sports and trekking shoes and boots, they are also extensively used for business and fashion shoe soles, as well as high-quality safety shoes. Low-density to compact polyurethane systems are utilized for mid-soles and outer soles.

  • What is an EVA outsole?

    EVA (Technically named Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). EVA is one of the best shock absorption materials available today. This is why all the major top-line brand manufacturers use this material, due to the great combination of shock absorption with the light weight of the sole. Generally, an EVA outsole makes the shoe lighter in weight.

  • What is a rubber outsole?

    A rubber outsole means the bottom of a boot or shoe is made of rubber. Generally, a rubber outsole provides slip-resistance benefits when in contact with oil and other slippery surfaces. Please see individual shoe styles for slip-resistance specifications.

  • What is a firm heel counter?

    The heel counter is located in the back portion of a shoe and is typically a small plastic insert used to reinforce the heel cup and increase support.

  • What is a heel stabilizer?

    The shoe heel stabilizer can be made of rubber, plastic or leather. The stabilizer is bonded to the upper (top material of shoe) and midsole (in between the bottom and top of shoe). A heel stabilizer helps with motion control as you walk in the shoe. This shoe feature is beneficial for those with pronating or need more stability in the shoe.  

  • What is a midsole?

    A layer of material between the upper of the shoe and the outsole. Generally the midsole helps with shock absorption in each step.

  • What is a shank in a shoe?

    A shank is a supportive structure between the insole and outsole of a shoe. Shanks can be made of steel or fiberglass. The shank in the shoe gives the shoe stability and prolongs the life of the shoe.

  • What is a heel cushion?

    A heel cushion is a pad in the heel of an insert/insole that helps absorb shock as you walk. A padded heel cushion can help with foot conditions like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.

  • What is a rocker bottom shoe?

    A rocker bottom shoe is a shoe that helps with forward motion while walking. A rocker bottom can have a toe rocker (curved outsole at toe area) or full rocker bottom (curved outsole at the toe and heel).

    The design of a rocker bottom alters the biomechanics of the gait and puts less pressure on the ball of the foot. Those with limited mobility in their ankle and feet can benefit from a rocker bottom shoe.

    A rocker bottom shoe can assist with improving the gait cycle with the gentle rocker and forward propulsion in each step.

  • What is a medial heel stabilizer?

    A medial heel stabilizer provides rear foot walking stability and minimizes slippage.

  • What are the benefit of copper in socks?

    Copper socks have natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to help improve your foot health during wear.

  • What shoes would you suggest for rolling ankle?

    A shoe that has stability or motion control outsole and a heel stabilizer. The motion control and stabilizer will help keep your feet correctly position when walking. Also, the shoe should have some support at the arch to help reduce pressure on the plantar fascia ligaments and improve overall lower body biomechanics.

  • I am a woman interested in a men's shoe, what shoe size should I order?

    Depending on the brand, you should order 1.5 to 2 sizes smaller than the women's shoe size that you wear. The width should be a full width size down. For example, if you wear a women's 10 XW, you would order a men's 8.5 or 9 Wide.

    Please contact customer service at customerservice@flowfeet.com or (657) 333-8002 for ordering conversion on specific styles.

  • Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

    No. Currently, we do not accept Medicare or Medicaid as payment for shoes. However, HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) accounts can be used to get reimbursed for qualifying diabetic and orthopedic shoes. Please see details at our blog post here: https://flowfeet.com/blog/16_hsa-reimbursment-diabetic-shoes-inserts.html

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    We offer free shipping on all domestic orders (orders shipped within the U.S.). International shipments start at $24.95 shipping fee for the first pair. Additional shipping fees may apply depending on destination country as well as the size/width of shoe and quantity of your order. Total shipping costs for international shipping is stated at checkout.

  • How long do I have to return the shoes if I am not happy with them?

    We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! This means if your ordered shoes don't satisfy, fit, or make you happy, then you can send them back to us within 30 days from the date of purchase for a refund.

  • How do I return my shoes?

    Please review our Return Policy page.

  • What if I love the shoes but the size is just a little off?

    We offer free exchanges! Simply email customerservice@flowfeet.com with the order #, style, color, size, and width you would like to exchange for and we will send a free return label to you. Once the return item is received and inspected, we will ship the exchange item for free. 

  • My shoes are defective, what do I need to do to return them free of charge?

    Take the package to your nearest shipping service location by using the return label that we provide, all shipping charges will be billed to us - your exchange is free! Your exchange will be shipped to you with no additional shipping charge!

  • Do you every offer discounts or discount codes?

    Yes! At various times throughout the year, we do run promotions. To be notified of upcoming sale events, please sign up for an account at https://flowfeet.com/login. Also, don't forget to check our clearance section: click here!

  • Do You Offer Two Different Size Shoes (Mismatch Size Shoe Orders)?

    We do offer split sizes/mismatch shoe orders on shoes from Mt. Emey, Answer2, Surefit, Dr. Comfort, and select Apex and New Balance shoes. Split sizes are subject to backorder timeframes if one of the sizes is not in stock. Also, the price for a split size order is 1.5 times the retail price. For example, a $100 item would be $150 for a split size of that style.

    If you would like to purchase a split size shoe in a style from of of the brands mentioned above, please email customerservice@flowfeet.com with order details or call our customer service line at (877) 926-0133.

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