My Toddler Has Flat Feet-Choosing their First Pair of Shoes

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When a child has flat feet, they can experience problems like heel or arch pain, ankle swelling, muscle fatigue, pain that increases when they are performing physical activity, or overpronation (when the ankle of a person rolls inward when walking or running, which can lead to foot, ankle, knee, or even back pain). To determine if your child has flat feet, you can use a method called the “wet test”.

Women’s Walking Shoes: Finding your SOLEmate

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Wearing walking shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet can help prevent blisters and calluses, injuries which have the potential to keep you from doing your favorite activities altogether.

Managing Plantar Fasciitis in the Workplace

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One of the reasons plantar fasciitis doesn’t get the attention it deserves is because it’s a type of pain that comes and goes. The pain hits suddenly, and often decreases; and when you’re working, you are usually too busy to stop, so you let the pain pass and finish your day.

Top 10 Bunion Shoes For Women – Features Made Specifically For Bunions

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We have selected our top picks for women's shoes designed for bunions. These styles have features specifically made to accommodate bunions and other foot deformities. See our suggest styles to provide some therapeutic comfort for bunions.

Shoe Modification: The Best Materials for Fixing Your Footwear

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Shoe modification is the process of adjusting the structure of a shoe to improve stability, reduce stress from impact when walking, and even to improve overall mobility. Diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, traumatic or sports injuries are some of the conditions that can cause issues that call for shoe modification.
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