What is Acupressure and How Can We Use it on Our Feet?

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In a sitting position I started with applying steady pressure to the LV3 point on both my feet at the same time. Please reference photo for placement of my fingers. I then applied steady pressure and set a timer for 1 minute and administered 3 sessions with a 15 second pause between sessions.

What Toenails Can Tell You About Your Health

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I suffered a toenail injury to the same toe 3 times. Medical conditions like poor blood flow or autoimmune diseases can cause toenail fungus, ingrown toenails, and other nail disorders. The condition of toenails can reveal a great deal about a person’s overall health and with simple observation of the nail, health professionals can pinpoint and address other health issues of the body.

How Deep Heel Cups Support Your Feet?

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What does a deep heel cup do? Deep heel cups in shoes helps to stabilize the foot by aligning your feet with the ankle, knee, and hips. The proper foot alignment will help counter overpronation and supination, thus reducing pain in your feet to your back.

How Standing All Day on Your Feet Can Be Bad for Your Health

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Standing places significant pressure on the entire body, and the repercussions are greater on, what is known in orthopedics as weight bearing joints (WBJ). The negative effects’ maximum expression on these joints are seen in the joint of the hips, knees, ankle and feet.

Why We Torture Our Feet: Reflecting On Our Choice of Footwear

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We all know restricting the toes can lead to bunions and hammertoes. Hard materials such as wood and small toe boxes can create calluses and corns. Poor posture and unnatural gait cycles lead to back pain. So, why sacrifice health to convey a status of wealth, power, carefree, humble, or attraction?
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