Why We Torture Our Feet: Reflecting On Our Choice of Footwear

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We all know restricting the toes can lead to bunions and hammertoes. Hard materials such as wood and small toe boxes can create calluses and corns. Poor posture and unnatural gait cycles lead to back pain. So, why sacrifice health to convey a status of wealth, power, carefree, humble, or attraction?

Shoe Widths: What You Need For A Good Fit

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Shoe widths can be a tricky matter because there is not a standardized measurement for all shoes. Review our shoe width conversion chart and in-depth article to help you choose the right shoe width for your foot.

Everyone Deserves a Good Pair of Shoes

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Your unwanted shoes are needed to wear out poverty. You can get help by donating to Soles4Souls.

What Makes Orthopedic Shoes the Best Choice for Your Feet

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Learn about what makes an orthopedic shoe a comfortable solution to your foot condition. The features of an orthopedic shoe are designed specifically for your foot conditions to provide therapeutic comfort.

Tips To Help Swelling & Foot Pain During Pregnancy

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Wouldn’t it be nice if that baby bump was the only part of your body that grew during those three long trimesters? Good luck with that! Your belly isn't the only thing swelling - so are your feet.
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