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Diabetic Shoes

How diabetes affects feet? Diabetes can cause feet to swell and lose feeling (neuropathy) due to poor blood flow circulation. 

How Can Shoes Help With Feet Affected by Diabetes? Shoes designed for diabetic feet offer more volume and depth inside the shoe to accommodate for swelling. Some styles have stretch material or side goring that adjust to increased swelling (edema) so reduced rubbing occurs. Look for shoes with soft interior lining that are delicate on your feet and shoes with extra- or double-depth to allow more volume in the shoe for high insteps or swelling.

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  • Mens Diabetic Shoes

    Men's Diabetic Shoes

    Browse our impressive selection of men's diabetic comfort therapeutic footwear. Made of finest quality leather for durability and designed to stylish looking diabetic footwear. Diabetic shoes work to relieve pain and provide ease of wear, resulting in less injuries.The effects of diabetes on your feet can include swelling (edema) and neuropathy, our shoe selection offers solutions to these symptoms, by providing soft leather uppers, wider toe boxes, soft linings. Give your feet the comfort they deserve - and start relief for foot pain with the therapeutic features of our shoe selection!

  • Women's Diabetic Shoes

    Women's Diabetic Shoes

    Therapeutic benefits and shoes with more give are the ideal choice for diabetic feet. Our selection of women's diabetic shoes provide deeper depths and wider lasts to accommodate foot problems caused by diabetes. If you are experiencing swelling (edema) or neuropathy, we have a solution for you. Choose from our selection of dress, active, sandals or boots designed to help with diabetic feet.

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