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How can shoes help with arthritis in the feet and toes?

Arch support stabilizes joints providing relief when overuse occurs. Rocker bottom shoes are also nice as they relieve some of the work the foot experiences as it moves through the gait cycle. Shoes with more room in the toe box can ease cramped toes by providing extra wiggle room. Shoe inserts also stabilize the foot by realigning your feet in the correct position to distribute weight evenly between your feet. Some people may find custom-made orthotics to be most effective as they are molded to fit the exact specifications of the wearer.

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  • Men's Arthritis Shoes

    Men's Shoes For Arthritis

    Do you suffer from foot arthritis? We are proud to offer the best selection of orthopedic footwear for arthritic feet that help ease everyday pain and discomfort. We specialize in shoes designed to deliver a softer impact on your muscles and joints during the gait cycle. Minimize lower joint pain by wearing orthopedic shoes that feature great arch support and shock absorption. Our selection of men's shoes for arthritic feet offer a wider toe box for less rubbing and reduce pressure on pain points. Get the most from your shoes with therapeutic relief, support, and comfort!

  • Women's Arthritis Shoes

    Women's Shoes For Arthritis

    We offer a large selection of shoes in different styles and sizes designed to help provide relief from pain caused by arthritic feet. Our women's shoes provide supportive and cushioned insoles to reduce impact on your muscles and joints. Also, our selection of shoes have wide toe boxes to allow room for your toes and prevent rubbing - which can cause even more pain. Shop women's shoes designed to provide you with comfort in your everyday routine.

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