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Men's Oasis Footwear Orthopedic Dress Shoes

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  • $ 148.95

    Flow Feet is proud to offer Dr. Lin's Bodin Casual Men's Shoe from Oasis. These slip resistant shoes include a pair of pre-molded inserts and a pair of removable spacers. Both the pre-molded inserts and spacers can be removed to accommodate a custom orthotic. The anti-microbial treatment used to enhance the anti-microbial properties found in the Trek-Dry®...

    $ 148.95
    In Stock
  • $ 98.95

    The Ethan lace up shoe from Oasis is made of quality genuine full grain leather and a Trek-Dry® fabric that has been given an anti-microbial treatment to enhance its moisture absorption. Comes with pre-molded inserts that include a pair of removable spacers allowing for internal extra depth for the foot. These shoes are also slip...

    $ 98.95
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